Vision DEUS 65W 18650 mod - SPECIAL PRICE!

Vision DEUS 65W 18650 mod - SPECIAL PRICE!

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Fancied a mechanical but worried about battery safety?

The Vision DEUS looks like a mechanical mod, but inside it has built in protection.

Great for everyday use, or as that emergency spare for the cupboard!


1. Full output wattage

2. Battery reverse connection protection

3. Power display(VBAT LED color)

4. Battery type: Steel shell 18650 high rate discharge battery(20A) (Not included)

5. Low power consumption

6. Button twist lock

Size (length and diameter):   144mm x 23mm
Output wattage: max 65W

Supporting Resistance: 0.15ohm - 3.5ohm


1. Power on: LED white and orange flash once each.

2. Lock/unlock: Battery button twist 90 degrees to lock/unlock battery


65W Vision DEUS 18650 MOD Kit, No Battery


3. Normal use: Press the fire button and the LED lights and will start powering the coil; when the button is released the output will turn off, LED off, enter the sleep state.

4. Low Power Consumption: Automatically enters a low-power mode if not used after 3 seconds

5. Overtime: A draw of  more than 15 seconds will force the output off, LED flashes three times to indicate time-out.

6. Unlock: When the mod is locked, press the button 5 times within 2.5 seconds, white and orange lights flash once each.

7. Power Display: During use, when the battery voltage is:

(1) VBAT is greater than 3.7V, LED flashes white

(2) VBAT is greater than 3.3V, LED flashes orange

8. Low-voltage Detection: When the battery voltage is less than 3.3V, and the button is pressed, the orange LED light flashes 15 times and the mod will enter the sleep state right away.

9. Charging: Use a separate travel charger to charge the battery, there is no provision on the mod for charging.